Katab Palestine

Gold K nibs

Katab Nibs courtesy of Dr. Elisha Freund whose Father was foreman in the “Katab” factory.


Ads and Posters Contemporary to the Pens’ Production

An ad for a transparent fountain pen " Katab” costing 0.16 of a lira (ca. one English pound)

An ad for a “Katab” Fountain Pen including a citation by the Hebrew poet Abraham Shlonski reading:
“Write with a Katab pen Because it is best” In Hebrew the words "write" and "best" rhyme.

The mark of production of the item is Eretz Israel, the name of the Jewish state being established in the Middle East, which became the Jewish state of Israel on May 15th 1948. All “Katab” pens carry this mark.




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