About Me & My Pen Collection

I am a pen enthusiast and collector. One of the reasons I would like this note to be published and distributed is because I am interested in receiving any information available on pens and all other writing utensils in Israel (also pre-State) that anybody may have.

The collection is continuously growing, as is my research. Therefore, if you are interested in the subjects dealt with here, I recommend that you visit the website periodically to get more details.

My pen collection is my most dedicated hobby and has been for many, many years. Its main value is sentimental. I collect various categories of writing utensils. The main core of my collection is Israeli (and pre-Israel British mandate Palestine) made writing utensils (see further in a series of articles with pictures). Other fields of interest are white metal pens (i.e. white gold, silver, stainless steel and titanium). Usually, when available, I like to have the five modes of writing as a set (fountain pen, mechanical pencil, ballpoint, roller and felt tip).

I also collect non-fountain pens’ handles for the old fashioned nibs. These I like for their artistic attributes. And finally, I collect "pen like" or "combined purpose" writing instruments such as a ball pen with a letter opener, pens with a cigarette lighter etc.

Some of the more interesting items in my Israeli (and pre-Israel British mandate Palestine) made writing utensils are presented in the links above.


Download a PDF format of my new book of rare & magnificant vintage photos.



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